Greases are complex formulations of thickeners, base fluids and additives designed to effectively and efficiently meet specific application requirements.

Calcium Greases

Not emulsifiable in water, resist washout from bearings. No phase transformation at low temperatures and remain pumpable.

Lithium Greases

exceptional shear stability; suitable for use in high-speed plain and rolling-element bearings. High dropping points and good thermal stability. Excellent sealant properties.

Calcium Complex Greases

Smooth, buttery appearance. Dropping points above 260 Degree C. Good water resistance. Inherent EP / load-carrying capability for applications in high-temperature industrial and automotive bearing applications.

Lithium Complex Greases

Smooth, buttery appearance. Dropping points above 260 Degree C. Resistant to softening and leakage. Moderate water resistance for use in Automotive wheel bearings, High temperature industrial service including various rolling-element applications.

Aluminium Complex Greases

Smooth, slight gel-like appearance Dropping points above 260 degree C. Good water resistance. Resistant to softening. Shorter life at high temperature. Applications in steel mill roll neck, rolling and plain bearings.

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Do You Know?

Ancient Uses of Petroleum

Humans have been using petroleum products for a long time. Asphalt was used in ancient Babylon as mortar for buildings and for waterproofing ships. Tar was first used in 8th century Baghdad to pave roads. Crude forms of kerosene was used to light lamps.

During the reign of the Byzantine Empire, greek fire – an incendiary weapon which exact formula was long lost to history but thought to contain various petroleum products – was a formidable weapon because pouring water on it only intensified its flame.