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Environment & Safety

We have an extensive range of environmentally friendly products which offer our customers “peace of mind” knowing you have considered our planet when making your selection, and actively research alternative solutions to increase our ECO range. We strive to position ourselves at the forefront of our industry, alongside a healthy planet.

In all our activities and operations we will:
  • Comply with all legal regulations
  • Provide a secure working environment for our employees and contractors
  • Participate in hazard identification and risk assessment reporting to support our commitment to HSE performance
  • Ensure all our operatives comply with the minimum standard of operation

Contact Us

2 Venture Drive, #14-06 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526

Tel: +65 6251 6567
Fax: +65 6251 6576


Do You Know?

When Gasoline was so cheap it was worthless

During the early days of Standard Oil (this was before cars became popular), kerosene was the name of the game. Gasoline, a by-product of petroleum distillation to produce kerosene, didn’t have much demand. It was a cheap product used to treat lice and a solvent to remove grease stains from clothing … In fact, gas was so cheap that oil companies used to dump it in rivers!