BRB International is an international additives, chemicals and silicones producer dedicated to provide its customers with high quality products. For over 30 years they have been active in the automotive, industrial and off shore industry, for which they developed innovative and tailor-made solutions. BRB has more than 10 locations worldwide from which they can supply to markets and meet customers’ needs. BRB’s strength lies in the commitment of its employees, putting the customer first and being flexible in both service and product solutions. Their focus on R&D, application support, customized products and problem solving mentality gives them a unique position in the market.

BRB’s additives portfolio including viscosity modifiers, engine oil packages, driveline additives, off road additives, hydraulic additives, aftermarket additives and many other products.

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Do You Know?

Petroleum = Rock Oil

The word petroleum comes from the Greek word “petros” and the Latin word “oleum” meaning “rock” and “oil”. Before “petroleum” was coined by German mineralogist Georg Bauer in 1556, people simply called it “rock oil.”

Indeed, the Chinese, who had drilled the world’s first oil well in 347 AD (a 800 feet or 240 m deep pit using bits attached to bamboo poles), called it – and still calls it – shi you, which literally means rock oil.